Program and Technical Sessions

ICCRE 2024 Schedule-at-a-glance (5/10)

  • Four short field trips scheduled in the afternoon of May 16, 2024: the Whittier Tunnel trip starts at 12:45 pm, and the rest begin at 3:00 pm.
  • The post-conference field trip to the Permafrost tunnel, Trans Alaska Pipeline System, and Permaforst Experiment Station (302 Farmers Loop Road) at Fairbanks, AK scheduled from 8:15 am to 2:00 pm on May 17. More information can be found on the field trip page.
  • Download the final technical program here (May 13).
  • Download the collection of abstracts here (May 13).
  • Oral presentation: Each presenter in all sessions except for special session #17 will get about 22 min., including ~18 min. for presentation and ~4 min. for Q&A. Projectors have an aspect ratio of 4:3.
  • Poster presentation and printing service: The organizer will provide a foam board of 4 ft x 3 ft on an easel stand. If you prefer to print your poster here, we highly recommend working with UAA Copy and Print Center. Please prepare your poster in pdf file and contact them directly((907)786-6860;, mentioning this is for the cold regions engineering conference. Here is the cost estimate.

Technical Session Overview (May 6)

Special Sessions

We have several special sessions to help enrich the technical programs of this conference, including

Banquet Presentation

“The Voyage of The Alaska Union—Adventure, Danger, Scurvy, Romance” By Mr. Whitekeys

At the banquet, Mr. Whitekeys will speak about his new Alaska gold rush book, “The Voyage of The Alaska Union” at the 49th State Brewery. Eighty Greenhorns from Chicago set out to strike it rich in Alaska in 1898.   It was the largest Gold Rush expedition ever launched, and they had no idea what they were in for. One of the prospectors, Charles Harris, toted a 40-pound camera with him during the entire odyssey, but his images have remained unseen for 120 years.

     In The Voyage of The Alaska Union, Mr. Whitekeys reveals a true tale of Alaska History that has never been told.   Lavishly illustrated with 100 of Charles Harris’s photographs, the book relies on century-old diaries, letters, manuscripts, and newspaper accounts that tell the story in the words of the men who were there on the Koyukuk in 1898.  It’s the story of tough men who survived with what they had. It may be 70 below, you may have forgotten to pack your tent on a hundred-mile trek, but if you had doughnuts, everything was just fine.

Mr. Whitekeys is an Alaskan musician, entertainer, and author who is most known for his performances of “The Whale Fat Follies” at Mr. Whitekeys’ Fly By Night Club.  He can be considered “World Famous” because he is as well known in Cairo as he is in Singapore.

Keys says, “This is going to be fantastic.  I’m totally looking forward to talking about the brutal winter of 1898 with Cold Region experts who wear shorts when it’s 60 Below!”  For the Voyage of the Alaska Union  on Real Paper or e-book, click HERE